Seminars & Workshops

Come and learn something new, or listen to what our experts have to say at the seminars and workshops. Here is what we have in 2016.

All seminars operate on a first-come first-served basis. So if you're wanting to get in on the action, arrive early.

Join the internationally acclaimed Glenn Cuzen for an exclusive seminar on the construction and format of contouring the human body through tattooing. From placement and sizing to the building and execution, Glenn will be discussing how to use your clients muscular contours to create a a fantastic piece of art. 
Do not miss the opportunity to learn from one of the UK's finest tattooists. 

Catastrophe to Cover Up! with Michael Cunliffe

The incredibly talented Michael Cunliffe of Mania Tattoo, Blackpool will be giving an exclusive seminar on the techniques of cover-ups. From initial planning to execution, don't miss out on this opportunity to develop your skills.

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Polynesian Tattooing with Roland Pacheco

We are thrilled to welcome, all the way from Hawaii, Roland Pacheco of Xisle Custom Tattoo. 

Roland will be covering the subject of Polynesian tattooing, discussing the initial stages of construction, the meaning behind symbols used and the history behind it all. 

Don't miss out on an exclusive opportunity to learn from one of the true masters of Polynesian tattooing and expand your skills!

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Call for speakers

If you would like to host a seminar or workshop please contact Shelley Bond at or call +44 (0)1244 886 016.

We can provide you with a room at a specific time as well as projector if needed.