Seminars & Workshops

All seminars operate on a first-come first-served basis. So if you're wanting to get in on the action, arrive early.

Frank La Natra

Start Time: 14:30

Frank is part owner and lead artist at "Into the Woods" gallery in South Florida. He recently graduated with a Bachelor in Illustration and now works full time as an Illustrator and Tattoo Artist.  Specialising in in narrative cartoon illustrations he works with a strong focus in animation and character-based art.

Frank will talk about sculpting sketches, character design & exaggerating body language and expressions. He will also cover character studies and thumb-nailing. Background design and layout will also be a large topic of discussion along with lighting and colour study.  A great seminar based on how to create a full world for your characters to live in and turn it into finished pieces of art in any medium.

Piercing Basics with Mac 'Dr. Evil' McCarthy

Start Time: 15:00

Mac 'Dr. Evil' McCarthy is the master of body modification and will host a seminar based on the principle methods of piercing. Mac will cover general piercing techniques with inside hints & tips on how to make difficult piercings more successful. The seminar will mostly consist of an open forum with any questions you might have being addressed. Timings and further information will be available very shortly so watch this space!

The Magic Of Taxidermy

Start Time: 15:30

James Cranfield of Cranfield's Curiosity Cabinet has been a collector and purveyor of the finest quality taxidermy and natural history curiosities all his life. James will be discussing how he himself got into the curious world of taxidermy - as well as offering helpful tips on how to clean skulls, mount insects and how taxidermy is generally done! The seminar will be based around an open forum where James will welcome any questions the audience may have.

Keeping your business safe: Why insurance is essential

Start Time: 16:30

Nik Stewert will be taking you through a humorous presentation with a serious message. He will attempt to explain the different insurance cover available, why you might need it and even what happens if it all goes wrong!

He will explain all about Employers Liability and why not having it could land you in jail plus take a sweeping look at other covers available interspersed with some funny insurance tales, reported claims and leave you with the information you need to make sure your business stays safe.

A MUST see for anyone starting out or committed to growing their business.

Call for speakers

If you would like to host a seminar or workshop please contact Shelley Bond at or call +44 (0)1244 881 895 ext. 303.

We can provide you with a room at a specific time as well as projector if needed.