Working Our Conventions

To be involved in Tattoo Jam, The UK's Biggest and World Record Breaking Convention contact:

Asson Kasonde - Email: Tel: +44(0)1244 886 025.

What are you paying for?

Before the convention

  • We help with your booking: including local health authority documentation processing and paperwork.
  • Promotion to hundreds of thousands of potential customers via:
    Skin Deep - The UK's best selling tattoo magazine
    Skin Shots International Magazine
    Tattoo Master - The UK's leading trade magazine
  • We give you branded promotional badges and links to use as you choose
  • You get your very own artist profile site on - the UK's biggest online tattoo website
  • We will promote you on our websites and social network pages to thousands of our readers and fans (we have over 300,000 followers) to make sure you get appointments.
  • Travel and accommodation assistance and the best rates at our website -
  • Guest spot service. We can arrange this for you in a reputable UK tattoo studio

At the convention

  • Only the biggest and most prestigious venues.
  • We will greet you and welcome you to the show!
  • You get a professionally built and serviced booth with plenty of working space - minimum 2.5 x 2m per artist booth.
  • Trestle table, 2 chairs and a small work table per booth
  • Double power socket 
  • Spotlight can be provided if necessary
  • Free kitchen towels, water, medical waste service, alcohol hand gels, gloves and aprons if needed.
  • Promotion listing in our printed show guides - free to all convention visitors
  • Copying and printing service - FOC
  • Our team work for you all weekend - easy to find and eager to please ;)
  • Information stand - all you need to know!
  • Interview opportunities with our magazine and website editors
  • Prestigious Skin Deep Tattoo Contests - judged by the best in the industry!
  • Great entertainment, plenty of bars, food choices and fantastic drinks offers
  • Unrivalled show parties ;)

After convention

  • We print and promote reviews in our mags, websites and social network pages, reaching hundreds of thousands of your potential customers
  • You can upload your own event images to your profile
  • You will get priority booking at our other events
  • We don't forget about you once the show is over... Our team are here for you at any time.

We lead the standards for shows all over the world, whilst other conventions charge the same (or more!) than we do for much, much less.

Make the most of your convention budget this year and give us a call.

We would love to see you! ;)

Artist Search Improvements

Find the artist for you

With so many artists to go through, it's time consuming stuff!

Click on an artists name - their picture, studio/contact details and images of their work will appear making it easier for you to find the style and discover more about the artists before the show.

Want to work Tattoo Jam?

If you would like to enquire about working any of our events please email Asson on (0)1244 881895 Ext. 221 or email and he will be delighted to manage your booking..

That by applying to work Tattoo Jam it DOES NOT necessarily guarantee you a booth.