Tattoo Awards

Every year the calibre of work gets higher and higher. Not only are stunning tattoos being skillfully executed, but some of the subject matters are quite simply, genius. The Tattoo Jam Awards are always a closely fought contest with so many quality entries in each category, the judges have very tough decisions to make.

We are sure this year will not be any different and with the high calibre of artists (and so many of them!), we wait with bated breath as to what inky-delights we will see at the next show!

Twisted Disney Award

With our theme being 'Twisted Disney' at this year's Tattoo Jam - we have thrown another award into the mix for all of our incredible artists working the show.

We will be presenting a "Best Disney Ink" award on the Sunday of the show. This tattoo can be in any style but must be Disney related. The tattoo must be completed at Tattoo Jam with the tattoo bearers being available to line-up for the Sunday awards judging at 4:00pm. The presentations will take place at 6:15pm.

So get your thinking caps on! We can't wait to see them!

2013 Tattoo Jam Awards

On both Saturday and Sunday there will be tattoo competitions to enter which will be judged on the ground floor on the CHEYENNE stage.

To be in with a chance of entering, be sure to register by 3pm on each day. (Registration forms can be obtained from the information point at the entrance.)

  • Saturday judging will take place at 5pm with prize-giving at 8pm.
  • Sunday judging will take place at 4pm with prize-giving at 6.15pm. 

(Best of Day tattoos MUST be judged at 7.30pm on Saturday and 5.30pm on Sunday). Be sure to register in time!