Main Stage Talks 

We're thrilled to announce the following talks will be taking place on Artist Friday, exclusively at Tattoo Jam. 
Open to both artists and public, come and learn new skills, acquire new knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of certain topics. 
We hope you enjoy them. 

Tattoo Aftercare with F1030 

Friday 11th, 3pm

Flen Health will be on site all weekend to talk to you guys about how to get the best out of your ink once the work is done. 
Join them to learn more about the recovery process, the risks associated with not looking after your tattoo and tips on how to ensure your tattoo, and your clients' tattoos can be looked after for life.

To reserve your place on this seminar, email


Hypnotherapy in Tattooing 

Friday 11th, 4:30pm

Join two world-renowned hypnotists for their exclusive insight on reducing pain in tattooing through the use of hypnotism. 
Pain management through hypnotherapy is a well established practice and both Benjamin Ryan and Christopher Phoenix have been offering this relief to clients for many years. 
Having now written and instructional book, they are preparing to spend the summer of 2017 teaching these skills to tattoo artists across the world! 

To book on to this exclusive seminar and find out more about hypnosis, register now by emailing


Veganism in Tattooing 

Friday 11th, 6pm

Join renowned tattoo artist and Youtube vlogger, Holly Astral, for an exclusive talk on Veganism in tattooing. 
Learn more about what makes a tattoo vegan, more on vegan friendly products and the rise of veganism in the tattoo community. 

Be sure to check out Holly's Youtube channel too! 

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