Tattoo Aftercare

What happens when the ink is in?

After your tattooist has applied your design, they will wash off the excess ink with a spray and paper towel. Depending on your artist - they may cover your fresh tattoo with cling film, others will use a paper towel and tape it in place over the new tattoo. You will be given aftercare instructions from the tattooist, which will explain the healing process. This list will give you valuable advice for the care of your ink, so follow it to the letter. The tattooist didn’t give it to you just for fun; the information is good, sound advice based on years of experience. The more you look after your new ink over the healing process, the better and brighter your tattoo will look.

Whatever you do, don’t scratch it! Your new ink will form a light scab after a few days and can itch like a bugger. If you scratch or pick at the scabs you will be pulling the fresh ink out of your skin and your tattoo will end up looking faded and blotchy.

Don’t go swimming or soak your new design until it is fully healed, so if you are thinking of getting some ink to show off on the beach on your hols – think again! It’s worth waiting until you get back to have the work done.

We all take different times to heal but as a rule of thumb it will heal in about a week to ten days, after which you will experience a form of light skin peeling (a bit like sunburn). After this has gone your tattoo’s colour will come through and be as bright and vibrant as the day it was applied. NOW you can show it off.

You went through the pain, so get the most gain from your new tattoo! Look after it with a moisturizer and if you go out in the sun, use a high factor sun block. The sun can really kill your artwork and make it look old before its time!

Hopefully we have covered most of the frequently asked questions in the above text that will guide you to getting the best ink by the best tattooist that you will be happy with for the rest of your life – ENJOY!

When it comes to aftercare, there are many schools of thought. Here is a small list and brief descriptions of some of the more popular lotions and potions to aid the healing of your tattoo.



SheaCare are a unique Manchester family business with a real passion for importing “Paradox” Shea Butter from Ghana. Their Shea Butter contains the highest amount of natural Vitamin A & E making SheaCare the finest natural & organic healing product on the market.

The deep love and belief in what they do is the pounding heart of the family business. It lifts the spirit of all around us and creates their uniqueness.

SheaCare500 is a super tattoo care ointment that that is rich in Vitamins and other compounds to help the skin around the tattoo and the rest of the body. Here are extended benefits over and above the A&D ointment or the Vaseline tattoo lube. For more information, visit their website.

F1030 Aftercare

Developed by Flen Heath UK and new to the market, F1030 Aftercare is designed to heal and protect your tattoos for life. Medically tested and approved tattoo aftercare from wound care experts, F1030 provides a protective barrier for newly tattooed skin whilst maintaining a moisture balance. 

For more information, visit their website.



CrocArt contains everything your skin needs to stay strong and healthy, plus everything your tattoo needs to stay vibrant too.
CrocArt is a no mess rapid skin repair serum that in 3 steps prepares, repairs and preserves your skin and tattoo. It forms an effective barrier against infections from day one. Heals skin and takes down inflammation as well as reducing the itch of healing. And long-term use keeps your tattoo colour looking amazing and vibrant. Containing naturally occurring Omegas 3, 6 and 9, plus Terpines, Oleic Acid and Vitamins A and E; CrocArt is your natural choice to keep your artist’s work in peak condition.

For more information visit crocodoil skin care.

Butterluxe Tattoo Care

100% Natural! 100% Organic! It’s all you need!

Butterluxe is a brand new luxury butter packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, perfect for the tattoo healing process.

Specifically designed for use before, during and after a tattoo, Butterluxe is becoming increasingly popular with artists…

“Butterluxe hands down has the best consistency of any product on the market….I couldn’t be happier with the healed results” – Nick Imms of Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour, Birmingham
“I’ve had great results healing with it, as well as using it during the full process of tattooing” –  Mark Bester, Marked For Life

Unlike other tattoo butters, Butterluxe is non-sticky and only lightly scented, and is available in 50ml, 150ml and 250ml sizes.  A little goes a long way! Butterluxe is also beneficial for healed tattoos, keeping skin nourished and preserving tattoo vibrancy.



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